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MeT Once A Week


A Responsible, Sustainable & Informative Movement

Meat Once A Week – Quick Explanation

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Protecting Health and Climate

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Meat Once A Week is an open invitation to make simple changes in our daily eating behaviour. 

Research has shown that lowering meat consumption leads to positive health and environmental benefits, such as lower CO2 emissions, fewer plastic waste and conservation of water.

Beate Schöndienst

Project Initiator, Meat Once A Week

MOAW – Core Values and Philosophy

Everyone can do it

Meat Once A Week can be actively operated by anyone! A lunch in the company canteen, a dinner with friends and in the family. 

Healthy Eating

Meat Once A Week is an invitation to simple behavioral change. Enjoying meat once a week is healthy and uncomplicated.

Climate Stabilization

Meat Once A Week serves the humans, the animals, the climate and reduces CO2 emissions as well as resource consumption.

Social Interaction

Rethinking our daily food and consumption behavior towards a more sustainable behavior requires common exchange.

Beyond Crisis awards Meat Once A Week

Meat Once A Week has been awarded for our effort shortly after the campaign launched. Beyond Crisis, an initiative run by Deutschland – Land der Ideen, has selected MOAW in the wake of the Corona crisis for its innovative and solution-oriented approach. We’re very happy about this badge and understand it as additional motivation to spread MOAW across the globe.

The award from Beyond Crisis is a wonderful signal for me“, says Beate Schöndienst, founder of Meat Once A Week. “Wir approaching critical tipping points in our eco-systems. MOAW can help to reduce the influence our consumption has on the environment and fight climate change, water shortages and unneccesary suffering for animals.

Thank you very much to Beyond Crisis!

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Over the past 40 years, our meat production worldwide, including animal feed, pesticide and manure production, has tripled. Soy production in South America requires 30,000,000 ha to sustain our pig consumption in Europe – so we can get cheap meat from the store every day.


There are 7 to 8kg of green fodder and ca. 5,000 liters of water needed to produce 1kg of pork meat. Additionally, about 60 to 80kg of food per inhabitant end up in the garbage. Not included are the massive amounts of plastic, energy and fuel needed to transport, cool and sell the meat.


We spread awareness and offer solutions by introducing Meat Once A Week at your company, university or canteen and at dinner with friends and family. It’s great fun, eco-friendly and allows to buy more  valuable, less polluting, regional products instead of industrially produced meat.



Of all Agriculture Area is Used for Meat and Fodder Production


Of all Green House Emissions Come from Livestock

MOAW – Healthy, cheaper, eco-friendly, tasty and great fun. 

Just give it a try. That’s all we ask.

Global Goals

Imagine what we can achieve by making an easy change in our eating habits

- Beate Schöndienst

Project Initiator

About Beate

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We are looking for canteens at companies, schools and universities that are interested in trying out Meat Once A Week. MOAW is a suggestion for an easy change in our daily eating behavior and we are always on the lookout for companies and people to help us spread awareness for this simple, but impactful concept. Please use the following contact form to get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Beate Schöndienst

Humble beginnings: Beate Schöndienst campaigning for MOAW in 2019 at a sustainability conference

Beate Schöndienst

Future concepts for nutrition, canteens & food

Beate Schöndienst is the founder of the agency Schöne.Dienste which is dedicated to developing and running visionary concepts. Beate’s focus is always on intelligent sustainability, casual cooperation and progressive ideas in the food industry.

About Beate

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Meat Once A Week

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Meat Once A Week is a food awareness campaign by the company Schöne.Dienste