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Meat Once A Week – Quick explanation

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Protecting Health, Climate and Biodiversity

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Food Future Concepts by Schöne.Dienste

Healthy, easy and organic

Meat Once A Week is an open invitation to make simple changes in our daily eating behaviour. 

Research has shown that lowering meat consumption leads to positive health and environmental benefits, such as lower CO2 emissions, fewer plastic waste and conservation of water.

Beate Schöndienst

Project Initiator, Meat Once A Week

Why less meat

Our meat production is one of the worst climate killers. Half of the planets habitable zone is already used for agriculture, 77 percent of that are pastures. The area used for plant based food products amounts to only 20 percent but covers 82 percent of the worldwide supply of calories and 64 percent of proteins.

Deforestation and destruction of wildlife habitats are direct consequences and lead to catastrophic damages to our ecosystem. Lesser CO2 absorption from vegetation, higher degrees of evaporation and the endangerment of over 24.000 species.

On top of that, meat production requires enormous amounts of water and animal feed per kilogramm and produced plenty of greenhouse gases, packaging material and energy for transport and cooling in the process.

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If we reduce our consumption of meat to once a week and change our buying habits of fruit and vegetables, we can drastically reduce the impact that our food consumption has on the environment:

  • Reduction of green house gas emissions per kilogram food 80% 80%
  • Reduced water consumption per kilogram food 70% 70%
  • Decreased farm land usage per kilogram of food 60% 60%
  • Increase of your contribution towards preservation and protection. 100% 100%
The German pork meat industry, especially in factory farming, requires unimaginable amounts of water:

Porker in Germany (22.3 Million)

Water consumption in liter per porker (660m³)

Water consumption in liter overall (14,7km³)

This is 20 times the volume of water of Germany’s biggest lake (Müritz, 0.7 km³ water) and 70 times as much water as Berlin requires drinking water on a yearly basis (4.1 million inhabitants).

“We can achieve so much with just a little change in our eating habits.”

Beate Schöndienst

Beate is the founder of the agency Schöne.Dienste and is specialized on the development and implementation of “concepts for the future” for intelligent sustainability, easy cooperation and forward-looking ideas for all things food.

Beate Schöndienst

Beyond Crisis awards Meat Once A Week

Meat Once A Week has been awarded for our effort shortly after the campaign launched. Beyond Crisis, an initiative run by Deutschland – Land der Ideen, has selected MOAW in the wake of the Corona crisis for its innovative and solution-oriented approach. We’re very happy about this badge and understand it as additional motivation to spread MOAW across the globe.

“The award from Beyond Crisis is a wonderful signal for me“, says Beate Schöndienst, founder of Meat Once A Week. “Wir approaching critical tipping points in our eco-systems. MOAW can help to reduce the influence our consumption has on the environment and fight climate change, water shortages and unneccesary suffering for animals.“

Thank you very much to Beyond Crisis!

MOAW supporter & partner

MOAW – Healthy, cheaper, eco-friendly, tasty and great fun.

Just give it a try. That’s all we ask.

You can actually achieve change

No worries, we can help!

We support you with implementing change to get eco-friendliness and economics on the same plate.


  • Co-operation with Potsdam-Institute For Climate Research
  • Co-operation with Update Deutschland and Farm-Food-Climate
  • Independent UN – Hero-Projekt
  • Research project at Uni Göttingen
  • Project with the cantine at the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety


  • Results from Uni Göttingen:
    „Prof.Stiller & Dr.A.Risius confirmed that MOAW enables a comprehensive and easy change to more sustainablity in everyday life. The EAT Lancet Commission and MOAW have a lot in common.“


  • Concept for Meat Once A Week
  • Family & Friends Investment
  • First wave of supporters


  • Presented MOAW during the Entrepreneur Summit Berlin
  • goes live
  • Additional supporters


  • Pitching MOAW to large German companies
  • Awarded by Deutschland – Land der Ideen

MOAW supports United Nations projects

Meat Once A Week supports the 17 goals for sustainable development as well as the World Food Programme. Additionally, we take part in the UN Food System Summit 2021. MOAW does not only improve the eco-balance of your company and health of your employees, you also help to achieve multiple goals for sustainability, fighting hunger, instability and achieving fair salaries worldwide.
UN Food Syste

Become a

We are looking for canteens at companies, schools and universities that are interested in trying out Meat Once A Week. MOAW is a suggestion for an easy change in our daily eating behavior and we are always on the lookout for companies and people to help us spread awareness for this simple, but impactful concept. Please use the following contact form to get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

“There’s always so much talk about problems and possible solutions, but the goal towards those solutions is often blurry. Beate Schöndienst managed to create a concept for actual change with MOAW that I happily support!”

Uwe Abraham, CEO AquaDom Berlin

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Meat Once A Week is a food awareness campaign by the company Schöne.Dienste