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Our environment was always a topic close to Beate Schöndienst’s heart. With her company Schöne.Dienste, Beate focused on developing sustainable concepts for businesses. Meat Once A Week is one of these concepts that Beate layed out in 2018 and brought to life a year later. The idea for MOAW came to her after the Food Conference 2018 which among other things also touched on global hunger and the state of global agriculture politics. Combined with the everyday flood of news about climate crisis, industrial cheap meat production, water shortages and waste of resources, it was obvious to Beate that something needed to be done.

But what can we actually do about it? Every year millions of Euros are spend for marketing campaigns towards healthier diets, calls for donations and better living conditions for livestock. The change these efforts brought aren’t enough, though. Imagine what would happen if we, meaning each and every one of us, could make a little contribution towards a better future by eating less, but higher quality meat on a voluntary basis? And that’s how the idea for Meat Once A Week was born.

Since 2019 Beate Schöndienst is working with companies to allow as many people as possible to try out Meat Once A Week.

Beate’s Background

Within the company Schöne.Dienste, Beate culminates the experience from working in gastronomy for many years. At the start of her career, she completed an apprenticeship as a chef in the two star restaurant of the Atlantic Hotel Hamburg. She was the first female apprentice in the restaurant ever. After that she went to London to work with the two star Michelin chef Anton Mosimann. Beate spent an additional two years with star chef Rainer Wolter.

Together with Arnold Zabert, founder of the publisher Zabert/Sandmann, she worked as a chef and food designer on the magazine “Die leichte Küche” and the cook book “Die Kunst des Geniessens”. Making her dreams come true, Beate spend a year as a freelance food designer following the two years with Zabert. In the years after, Beate developed bodysigns, a recycable body tatoo as well as a special edition gala event for Estée Lauder Companies. The birth of her children inspired her to create a music daycare for children in Hamburg.


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Meat Once A Week

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Meat Once A Week is a food awareness campaign by the company Schöne.Dienste